Inspired by the still existing magic and beauty of Egypt, Travco Properties presents a breathtaking destination that reconnects you with your core and reminds people of nature’s simplicity. Nestled on a secluded mountain top in Ein El Sokhna and overlooking the infinite horizon of the Red Sea, Cavo Sokhna accommodates luxurious residences that enjoy serene tranquility. Designed to appreciate the cool breeze in the summer and radiating warmth in the winter, the coastal destination invigorates the rebirth of mind, body and soul with every sunrise and glimmering nighttime all year long.

A scenic vacation, Cavo Sokhna elevates from 35 meters up to 110 meters above sea level. Sweeping views of the Red Sea and the majestic Ataqa Mountains make the resort one of the most unique destinations in Ein El Sokhna. With more than 700 luxurious units unfolding on 421,083 sqm of private land, Cavo Sokhna is mastered to perfection. The architectural design is inspired by the majesty of the mountains and the simplistic essence of nature. Surrounding mountainous terrains and panoramic lagoons come together, to offer complementary backdrops for the sports center and the kids’ area as well as the wellness spa. Welcome to Cavo Sokhna, an exceptional retreat promising undulated tranquility all year long.

A rebirth for the soul with every sunrise...simply Cavo.